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Gamejams / My games

MiniLD 22 - Code: Runner (source)
LD 19 - Niribu X (source)
LD 22 - Enola 6 (source)
LD 24 - Niribu XI (source)
LD 27 - Thade (source, blog posts)
LD 30 - Elemental (source, blog posts)
LD 31 - Cell #327 (source, blog posts)
LD 33 - Primary objective (source, blog posts)
LD 34 - hARBOuR (source, blog posts)
LD 35 - Nightshift (source, blog posts)
LD 36 - R. Lastey (source, blog posts)
One hour game jam 71 - SNEK
One hour game jam 72 - Character creation: The game
One day game jam 1 - pongchess
LD 37 - one rooms (source, blog posts)
One hour game jam 102 - Mug o' War
LD 38 - Planet of Babel (source, blog posts)
One hour game jam 117 - falllllll
LD 39 - Batterycorp (source, blog posts)
One hour game jam 120 - Beat

Ludum Dare / Shtime

An LD countdown for the terminal.
OS X version (with voice announcement)
Linux / OS X version (no announcements)

Ludum Dare / Shlapse

A timelapse utility for OS X terminal. Captures screenshots at specified intervals, supports one or two displays. Will continue a started timelapse in the same target folder. Keeps a log with timestamps of recording sessions. Actual timelapse video has to be created with another programme.

To run:

$ ./shlapse.sh [target-directory [seconds-per-frame]]

p*****.jpg are screenshots of the first display, q*****.jpg of the second (if available).
OS X version

Ludum Dare / Wallpapers

LD 36 wallpapers
LD 32 wallpapers
LD 33 wallpapers