You are the Grimoire!


How to play

You play a set of 5 different minigames in a shuffled order, increasing in difficulty. Your goal is to survive as long as possible – the timer is in the top right corner. Every 2 seconds (or less, if you win or lose a minigame) you are moved to the next minigame. You start the game with 5 lives – the health indicator is in the bottom right corner.

Arcane Invaders

Your goal is to make sure your ship survives by dodging enemies and their bullets. Your ship shoots bullets at enemies automatically. You control the ship using the arrow keys or the mouse.

As the difficulty increases, more difficult enemies are spawned in larger numbers.


Your goal is to ensure that the bouncing ball does not fall under your paddle. You control the paddle using the left/right arrow keys or the mouse.

As the difficulty increases, the ball (as well as your paddle) increases in speed.


Your goal is to get the eye to the bottom of the pipe. You move the eye down by mashing keys or the left mouse button repeatedly.

As the difficulty increases, more mashing is needed to get the eye to the bottom.


Your goal is to make a path for the little ball at the top to fall through the gaps in the horizontal sliders. You accomplish this by moving the sliders left and right, either by dragging them with the mouse, or selecting a slider using the up/down arrow keys and sliding it using the left/right arrow keys.

As the difficulty increases, more sliders need to be moved to make a path.


Your goal is to type the word shown on the page.

As the difficulty increases, longer words are generated.


Once upon a time, wizards spent years in the libraries, deciphering runes, decrypting grimoires, unraveling scrolls. With the advent of the enchanted, intelligent grimoire, their work suddenly became a breeze.

But you, being one of these enchanted grimoires, have a lot of fast-paced rune deciphering to do, lest your wizard doesn't know how to cast the right spell at the right time!