Planet of Babel

Planet of Babel is a small planet that players connect to and fight over simultaneously in a turn-based tactical strategy.

Control using the mouse. Click on your units (the ones with brown circles near them) to select them, then click on the surrounding flashing tiles to move them there, or an enemy (if close enough) to attack them. Be careful, units counter-attack! Click on empty tiles that you own to be able to build new units. You can use your units to capture tiles and make them your own.

Hold the mouse close to the edges of the visible map to turn the planet (the cursor changes).

There are two primary resources - Starlight and Energy:

Build menu

(It was supposed to be a lot more, but oh well. Also didn’t get to put in the beautiful music :( )

If the game is stuck at “Connecting …”, the server is probably down. I try to keep it running but it crashes every now and then. Let me know on twitter and I’ll do it ASAP.

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