Ludum Dare 39 / Batterycorp

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=== Batterycorp ===

Batterycorp is a business located in a battery-shaped building. The building (being an actual battery) has a power leak and it is up to the player to fix the problem. Point 'n click puzzle solving with a 90's aesthetic.

= Controls =
Control using the mouse. Type in your username (or whatever you want) into the login box in the beginning of the game with a-z. There are additional instructions available within the game itself.

= Notes =
Once again, I made a javascript build of the game as well. Please try it in Firefox, for some reason the framerate on Chrome is half (or even less) of what it is supposed to be. This makes the game quite unplayable. I am not yet sure what the cause is or even if it applies to all Chrome versions / OS distributions. You've been warned!