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Temple-based Sacrifice

TBS is a Turn-Based Strategy inspired by Advance Wars. Gods of the ancient days have awoken to a future of confused religions and high-tech mechanical beasts and they demand sacrifices! Lead four unique factions in skirmishes across 5 (6-ish) different maps, conquer land, sea and air. Sacrifice your units to unlock unique bonuses granted by the gods.

Keyboard controls
Unit types
Unit abilities
Building types

Keyboard controls

WSAD or Arrow keys – Move camera.
QE – Rotate camera.
Tab – Toggle HP bars on all units.
M – Toggle music.
N – Toggle sound effects.
Space – End turn.


The gameplay is turn-based, each player having 60 seconds to complete their turn. Each unit can be commanded to move in its movement range by clicking it, then clicking on another tile. Movement over certain types of tiles is more difficult for some units.

After moving a unit, it may be commanded to take an action – attacking an enemy unit or razing/capturing a building. Possible actions are highlighted over their respective targets and are activated by clicking.

In addition to units, players also control buldings, some of which allow production of units or sacrifice of units to gain divine favour. These are activated by clicking the building, then clicking one of the options in the bottom-left of the screen.

The objective of the game is to capture the enemy Temple-Tron!

Unit types

There are 17 different types of units in the game, each with their own stats and abilities.

Unit Cycles
Tier Special
Monkey412002101Repair, MountainHillAffinity,
Captures, MaxCount: 2
Spider424110311DesertAffinity, Captures
Chamois644110202Charge, MountainHillAffinity
Hog9103010204WeakStart, HealthAttack, MaxCount: 1
Bat528000400MaxCount: 1
Bumblebee415610102Kamikaze, Siege
Squid1023442102Siege, MaxCount: 2
Swordfish946011213Charge, MaxCount: 1
Medusa1543122304MedusaGaze, MaxCount: 1

Unit abilities

Captures – Unit may raze enemy buildings, capture neutral buildings, and capture neutral units.
Charge – Unit's ATK is increased by the distance it has moved from its starting position.
DesertAffinity – No penalty for movement over desert tiles.
HealthAttack – Unit's ATK is increased by its current HP.
Kamikaze – Unit dies after attacking.
MaxCount: X – Production buildings cannot build the unit if the player already owns X or more.
MedusaGaze – Any attacked unit instantly turns into a neutral unit.
MountainHillAffinity – No penalty for movement over mountain or hill tiles.
Repair – Unit may restore 2 HP on a friendly unit on a neihbouring tile.
Siege – Unit cannot attack if it has moved during the turn. Unit cannot counter-strike.
WeakStart – Unit is produced with 1 HP. (It must be repaired to gain full HP.)

Building types

There are 7 different types of buildings in the game.

Building Turns to capture
(from neutral)
Turns to raze
(from enemy into neutral)
Passive Produces
Temple-Tron2Grants +3 CYC per turn to owner.
Capture the Temple-Tron to win!
Produces ground units.
Factoreon21Produces ground units.
Dock32Produces water and amphibian units.
Eyrie21Produces flying units.
Forge32Grants +1 production tier to owner.
Fortress21+1 ATK, DEF, and VIS to friendly units on the same tile
Shrine32Grants +3 CYC per turn to owner.