a game by Aurel Bílý
and Ján Špidus
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♞ Difficulty selection ♞

You have all the chess pieces, you can move them at any time, even the same one multiple turns in a row.
You have all the chess pieces, but there is a cooldown period before you can move the same piece again.
King instead of your queen. Pieces are completely frozen after you move them until you make a turn with another piece. There is a cooldown after the unfreezing.

♝ How to play ♝

Your goal in pongchess is to survive as long as possible. You lose when the ball gets to the left side of the board. To prevent the ball from doing that, you have to use your chess pieces. You can make any legal moves (except castling or en passant) – but the ball is only reflected if your piece lands on it.

♜ Tips & tricks ♜

Don't play with a touchpad.

Don't rely on a single piece.

Moving a pawn all the way to the last rank will change it to a ball. It's more challenging, but your score increases faster!

♛ About this game ♛

This game was made in less than 24 hours by me and my friend. The game is made in Haxe, compiled to javascript. It doesn't use any HTML 5 features, barring the audio elements used for playing the sound effects (made in sfxr) and the music (made in FL studio).